Hey there! Effective July, 2021, my zumba classes are temporarily suspended, but I will update this announcement as soon as they resume!

The best exercise doesn’t feel like exercise at all. Zumba is that way – we turn on the music, move our bodies, sweat, smile, and an hour is gone! This is what attracted me to Zumba years ago and keeps me energized and inspired by each class.

No dance experience is required. Zumba is a follow-the leader, high-energy hour of simple choreography set to a mix of music from around the world. In one hour you’ll get a taste of merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, Bollywood and belly dance, driven by rhythms from Latin America, India, Africa and New Orleans to name just a few. The goal is an hour of fun, fitness and dance, where you can improve your strength & cardio without the tedium you might find in a traditional exercise program.

Zumba is for all ages, sizes and fitness levels and I take a very inclusive approach, which you can read more about on my bio page. You can take the dancing as high or as low as you want, with your body as your guide.

If you are newer to Zumba and want more detail, click here for the answers to commonly asked questions.